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The Winter Swell... and all its wonders!

Winter along Kwa-Zulu Natal’s South Coast is a spectacular time. Crisp mornings with the sun rising over the (still) warm Indian Ocean, offshore winds, and an ocean that is experiencing one of the greatest wonders human’s have ever known; The Sardine Run!

There is so much to love during this time of year, but we have narrowed our top 3 favourite things to see, do and experience during Winter on the South Coast.

Storms pushing up from the deep south bring perfectly groomed groundswells hit our coastline, absolutely lighting up all our right-hand point breaks and beaches. With an 85%+ Swell Consistency and prominently offshore winds, it’s a no-brainer to pack your favourite quiver and enjoy the world-class waves right in front of Umzumbe Surf House.

In the eternal words of Mr Bob Marley, “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet...” Seriously, our Winters are like none other. While our Jbay counterparts shiver in the Ugg Boots, The South Coast hangs around at a balmy 24°c on average and very little rainfalls. Enjoy your days catching a tan or swimming at our many Blue Flag Beaches.

*cue David Attenborough Voice* “The Sardine Run is the planet’s largest biomass migration”.

Catch the whale, sardine, dolphin, and more right outside your bungalow at Umzumbe Surf House. It is a sight to see with thousands of diving cormorants, indicating the approaching sardine shoal. With deep-sea tour operators nearby and shoals being netted on our beach, the adventure never ends on the South Coast.

While we could share so much more, we will leave the rest up to you to discover.

You can find us, just an hour’s drive down from Durban along the sub-tropical Hibiscus Coast.

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