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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Surf Lessons”?

Is it Hollywood’s Blue Crush and their Banana Hammocks, or something less fun and a little more daunting? Fortunately for you, when booking a surf lesson with Umzumbe Surf Camp, you can be sure its all about fun, learning, safety and stoke!

Umzumbe Surf Camp and surfing goes hand-in-hand (in case our name didn’t give it away). The warm Indian Ocean and our pristine beach is just a stone-throw away from welcoming you into the water with a board and one of our in-house surf instructors, Nick Njapha and Derek Horlock.

Learning to surf with our instructors will give you the confidence boost you’re looking for; in and out of the water, and hopefully in no time you will be feeling the stoke as you stand up with a wave rushing under your feet.

From the safety of a sheltered sandy beach, you will be taught the simple mechanics of catching a wave for the first time to riding it out in style as Nick and Derek cheer you on. With over a decade of experience, our instructors are acutely aware of what it takes to get you standing on your own two feet.

Away from the crowds and busyness of Durban, nestled along the sub-tropical Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast you can experience the thrill of riding a wave with us. Umzumbe Surf Camp offers various accommodation options, board/wetsuit rentals and the perfect environment to unwind during these uncertain times as you go from Slumber to Surf in our welcoming accommodation.

As they say, “Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling”. Learning to master the art of wave riding or just getting to your knees, opens a whole new look on life. The ocean offering you a place of both calm and exhilarated while giving you all the physical and health benefits that come with being submerged into a Blue Space. But we must warn you; Surfing is addictive! You will experience the dopamine rush when you feel the euphoria of scoring that massive and fast wave, you’d never thought you’d encounter, or from the excitement of overcoming your fears. The rush of dopamine will mean an increase in confidence, which prepares you for the daily challenges of everyday life. With each of our surf lessons, students are equipped with a wetsuit (if necessary – the water is usually warm) and a suitable board. We have an array of beginner to advanced surfboards of all shapes and sizes, to suit each of our student’s experience levels and needs.

Mostly, YES! All you need to be is 6 years and older, and be able to swim. Umzumbe Surf Camp offers lessons from young to old and even Family Sessions with Mom, Dad, the kids and even Gramps and Grandma are welcome. We welcome corporate groups who want a high impact team building experience with a difference.

Private Lessons Emphasize:

· Development of balance and strength

· Safety and etiquette

· Selecting and catching waves

· Paddling, standing up, turning, and riding down the line/wave.

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