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Surf Art lovers come together for a weekend of painting Surf and Seascapes on the beautiful Umzumbe Beach at Umzumbe Surf Camp with the South Coasts vibratious Radmer Lenasch

The Surf Art Retreat weekend is all about stress free, good vibes, relaxing, getting inspired, having fun, hanging out with other like minded artists, all in 2-3 days. It will feel more like a 5 day holiday, it will do that to your soul! You will leave feeling refreshed, revived and alive! And wanting more!

For more details on the weekends events see below. 



List of Materials Mandatory to Bring :

1. Digital Camera (smart phones are fine)

2. Set of Acrylic Paint  *High Quality 

3. Sketchpad

4. 4B pencil.

5. ClipBoard (or something) to lean sketchpad on.

6. Paint Brushes, 3 sizes. A pallet, if you have. 

7. Easel  (these can be booked in advance for those that don't have) 

8. Hat & Sunscreen (raincoat if necessary) 

9. A Beach Blanket 

Materials Provided by Teacher: 

1. 2 stretched Canvases: 30cm x 20cm

2. 1 stretched Canvas: 40cm x 60cm

3. Paper pallet and water container


As guests trickle in late Friday afternoon, welcoming drinks will greet you at the door alongside the incredible views of the indian ocean, sounds of crashing waves, good music and hues of aqua and green. Happy hour will allow everyone to meet and greet to settle in. At 6pm, Radmer will start the Composition of Surt Art talk along with our first painting. A Seafood Paella will be cooking up while we get creative. Dinner will be a casual family style meal. At 8pm the Surf Movie projector turns on while everyone chats, paints or chills at their liesure.


An early morning will allow us to hit the beach while it's got that magical morning glow. At 7am we will bring our coffee and tea down to sit on the beach and set our intentions for the day as we watch the sea and take in all that Umzumbe Beach has to show. Students take a photo of what inspires them and rough sketch the composition. Then we return to camp, have breakfast and to begin painting our image using acrylic on 40cm x 60cm canvases for the rest of the morning. 


We break for lunch around 11-12pm. Students have this time to keep painting or chill, read, nap, walk the beach, take a surfing lesson with one of our certified instructors, book a massage or take a yoga class. The rest of the day can be spent as you wish. (Real R&R that you deserve!)

In the evening we will host a Braai at 7pm, gathering around the fire, hanging out with Radmer and the Surf Camp crew. We'll light the Bon Fire, talk stories and share some treats on a stick! 


We will start the morning with a continental Breakfast on the Beach for another magical morning taking in the elements and setting our intentions for the day. Students bring all of their supplies with them to the beach as we paint our canvases on the beach! Around 11:30-12pm we break and go back up to the camp. You have this time to continue painting, have lunch, rest, pack up, meet with Radmer for a one-on-one consultation with any questions. Check out is at 12pm from your rooms but you don't have to leave! You can pack up, check out and then hang out if you wish to spend the day. 

After the retreat, students can post their images and/or paintings in an online art community with Radmer for follow up and for those interested in participating again in future events.

*Weather: The retreat will continue rain or shine. If rain is forecasted (pack a raincoat), as we will spend minimal time on the beach and be painting indoors. Surfing lessons still continue. 


" Good times, great waves, epic people." - Jay
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